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We invite you to give the gift of education. Begin a lifelong friendship with one of our girls by donating school supplies, airline miles, clothes, or your time!

Communication is key to success

We encourage our sponsors and girls to be in communication; these little girls need to know there is someone out there who cares about them and is willing to encourage them along the way. Your sponsorship will give them the confidence they need as they go on their educational journey.

Donating school supplies

If you can’t Sponsor a Girl, there are other ways you can help. School supplies are badly needed in underdeveloped countries like Uganda and Nigeria. By donating school supplies you’ll be helping children in these countries get a leg up on their educational goals.

Other ways to help

Aside from school supplies, you can also help by donating clothing and airline miles to One World Today. Fresh, clean clothing can always be used, while airline miles help us travel to these countries to hand-deliver these supplies and resources.


Our vision is to create valuable linkages between girls in Uganda who have not had the opportunity to attend school and sponsors who recognize the value in educating girls worldwide. We look for supporters who wish to cultivate a relationship with a young woman on her quest to recognize her potential and ultimately live a full and self-sustaining life.




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Tell others about the work of One World Today and help us get more people involved.



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about all the ways One World Today is giveing the gift of education to girls around the globe and how you can help.

Ways To Help

Make the world a better place.
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When you look at the people who make up One World Today, you will find at least one thing in common: our time spent in underdeveloped countries. This fueled our passion to help those who need it most.

We invite you to learn more about our team.


Roxane Turner

Roxane’s love and dedication to the children of Uganda began in the summer of 2007, when on a whim, she accompanied a non-governmental organization to the country, spending one month in the capital and in an internally displaced persons camp to the north.

Over the next two years she remained in close contact with friends made during the first visit, continuing to return to Uganda on her own. During one such visit, Roxane met three little girls with whom she formed an irreversible bond, eventually becoming their legal guardian.

“Every time I hear my girls’ voices on the phone, proudly practicing their English, or receive their sweet letters filled with drawings, I am reminded of what drives me to advocate for the education of young women.”

Brittany Burnside

Brittany completed her Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. During this time, she spent two months traveling and interning in Ethiopia and Senegal, living and working in the local community.

Brittany has always felt that, above all else, providing education in a safe and secure environment is the best way to help lift and empower a community and the best way to secure a family for women. Brittany and her mother, Cheryl, are sponsoring two sisters in Uganda through One World Today and are enjoying watching the girls grow and flourish!

Jerome Touchstone

Jerome is currently working in health care management for Crothall, after receiving his M.B.A. from Troy University. Through a football scholarship he obtained his B.A. in Communications from Appalachian State University. His 5- year-old son is a constant inspiration in his desire to improve the lives of children around the world.

Jerome’s warm-hearted personality, which leaves a smile upon the faces of all he meets, led to his desire to support the organization’s pursuits in any way possible.

Onyi Odunukwe

Onyi’s early educational years were spent in Nigeria where the value of education and the importance of heritage were instilled in him by his extended family.

Upon returning to the U.S., he attended to the University of Arkansas. After partnering with his brother, Onyi now runs Odunukwe Investment, Inc., which owns several businesses in Northwest Arkansas and Oklahoma.

“I know that if it were not for the years I spent in Nigeria I would not be who I am today. Fortunately my parents were able to afford my tuition because many Nigerians cannot. Some parents sell their children, especially young women, into servitude in exchange for tuition. Through this organization, I am hoping that we can stop this practice and educate as many young women as possible.”

Kezie Odunukwe

Kezie is a serial entrepreneur currently living in Northwest Arkansas. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma. While at OU, he studied business, finance and marketing.

Kezie has volunteered with several area nonprofits. While in college, he started the American Heart Association chapter at OU. Kezie leaped at the opportunity to join the board of One World Today. The mission and work of One World Today touched home. Having lived and attended part of primary and secondary school in Nigeria, Kezie understood the hardships endured by the citizens of third world countries.

“Often a parent has to choose between a meal or an education for their child. While I know I cannot completely eradicate that, I will do everything in conjunction with One World Today to try to do just that.”

Ziadah Namiiro

Born and raised in the Ssese Islands, Ziadah has first hand experience knowing what life is like for a girl growing-up in Uganda. Ziadah has been with OWT since its inception and is an invaluable asset to our organization. Our only paid employee, Ziadah is our OWT country manger, which means she is in constant communication with our girls, their teachers and families. Paying school fees, purchasing requirements and taking girls to the doctor when they are sick are only a few things that keep her busy on a daily basis.

Emily Withers

Emily graduated from Chico State University with a BA in Sociology, and an emphasis on International Relations, which introduced her to the hardships of the developing world.

Her greatest passions are aimed at helping the women and children of these countries gain access to education, and all other human rights they have been sadly denied. With experience in grant writing, fundraising and development, she feels most alive when able to utilize her skills for the good of others.

Though she was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, she has roots in many parts of the world and currently resides in England.